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Boulder Landscape and Excavation was founded by Kristopher Kulick in April 2014. Kris turned his evening/weekend hobby, love for boulders and passion for transforming outdoor spaces into a full-service landscape business after 12 years as a high school business, computer and information technology teacher in the Leechburg School District. The business was originally created for light excavating and beautification projects but quickly grew into something much larger. In 2016, Boulder Landscape & Excavation transitioned to do business under the name of Boulder, Landscape, Excavation & Supply. The business has expanded every year since and prides itself on exceeding customer expectations and service. 


BLE Supply calls the old Gilpin Elementary school its home at 118 Godfrey Rd. on the outskirts of Leechburg, PA.


Kris Kulick

Founder & CEO

Looking for a way to keep busy throughout summer breaks from high school teaching, Kris started Boulder Landscape, Excavation and Supply as a hobby. Since then, the business has grown into a commercial property with a long list of satisfied clientele.

Melinda Kulick

Manager/Husband Sanity Control

Supporting the family team, Melinda helps manage the business and day-to-day operations. 

Donald Kulick


Retired from Allegheny Ludlum, Donald is a fixer and a doer. DK's expertise lies with knowing equipment and machinery inside and out.

Paul Kulick


Retired from Allegheny Ludlum, Paul oversees all jobs to ensure perfection. 

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